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Kent Clelland, Berlin


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Kent Clelland
Über Kent Clelland:
Biographie Kent Clelland (USA, 1971)
Composer, Performer, Software Developer


Master of Fine Arts in Music : California Institute of the Arts, 1996
Composition for Interactive Media Technologies
Bachelor of Music : Ithaca College, 1994
Music Composition and Music Theory
Aspen Music Festival 1992
As a composer at the Aspen Music Festival, I was working closely
with Michael Czajkowski (Julliard) in the electro-acoustic
music studio. In August 1992 the electronic composition "Om"
was premiered in Aspen, Colorado.
Interlochen Music Festival 1988-1991
At Interlochen Clelland studied saxophone performance with with
masters in the field: John Sampen, Joseph Lulloff, Donald Sinta.

Professional Experience

Native Instruments Software Synthesis, Berlin Germany 1999 - present.
As senior software developer at NI, Clelland is the programmer
who coded the NI-Spektral series and has programmed on many
award winning music software products such as: Reaktor, Spektral Delay,
Absynth, B4, and Pro-52.
ExperimentalMusikStudio des SWR Freiburg, Germany 1997 - 1999
While working as a computer musician for the SudWestRundfunk Clelland
realized interactive computer music compositions utilizing up to 16
loudspeaker spatialization matrices. As a performer and developer
Clelland worked on pieces by Marc AndrŽ (FR), Vinko Globokar (US),
Isabel Mundry (DE), Peter Ablinger (AT), and Wolfgang von Schweinitz (DE).
Daniel Rothman Ensemble 1996 - 1998
As the Live Computer Musician in the Rothman Ensemble, Clelland not only
constructed and performed with analog gesture capturing devices,
but also with custom programmed interactivity software. Peformances
included the renowned opera, "Cezanne's Doubt," and the clarinet/
computer duet titled "Yes, Philip Androids Do Dream Electric Sheep."

AlphaBase Interactive 1996 - 1997
Employed as Macintosh software developer for internet commerce of
interactive entertainment medias. Live digital streaming and
realtime internet communications software as well as the e-commerce
system to conduct such digital business.

David Rosenboom Ensemble 1994 - 1996
During these years Clelland was performing live with computers using
a custom-built programming language specifically designed for
modelling the aesthetical perceptive system of human
awareness (HMSL-- Hierarchical Music Specification Language).
The ensemble was performing real-time brainwave music based on
the measured evoked response potentials of live performers (thinkers).
The brainwaves of the performers were used to effect the
DSP algorithms as well as the structure of the live-performance.
The piece is called "On Being Invisible II."

Soundelux, Hollywood 1993 ( Internship )
Soundelux is a state of the art audio post- production facility
devoted to high budget major motion pictures. Clelland was involved
with the post-production (sound effects) of the following feature
films: "Grumpy Old Men," "In the Line of Fire," "Cliffhanger," and
"Wrestling Ernest Hemingway.Ó


¥ 14.02.2002 "After-Arco-2002," Galeria Carmen de le Guerra, Madrid: Live-Show
¥ 06.12.2002 "Sonic-Acts-2001," Pardiso, Amsterdam, Holland: Live-Show + Lecture
¥ 11.11.2001 "Native Lab CD Release Party," WMF, Berlin Germany: Live-Show
¥ 08.09.2001 "Native Lab Enriched," WMF, Berlin Germany: Live-Show
¥ 08.09.2001 "Native Lab Enriched," WMF, Berlin Germany: Live-Show
¥ 29.07.2000 "Native Lab After Midnight," WMF, Berlin Germany: Live-Show
¥ 09.10.1998 "Resistance Fluctuations Festival", Los Angeles, USA
¥ 03.12.1997 "Over 21 Festival", Los Angeles, USA
¥ 09.03.1996 "CalArts Spring Music Festival", Valencia, CA, USA

DISCOGRAPHY (as composer, performer, and/or engineer)

* "" - compilation
* "Native Lab CD" - compilation
* "A Ghost In Each Room" cEvin Key
* "25 Years Experimental Studio Freiburg" - compilation
* "Cezanne's Doubt" The Daniel Rothman Ensemble
* "Frog Peak Collaborations Project" - compilation
* "On Being Invisible II" - David Rosenboom
* "Donaueschinger Musiktage 1997" - compilation____FILM/VIDEO SCORES____
* "Alethea" by Mariela Cadiz, Denis Lelong, 1998
* "End Was Here" by Serafin Klarwein-Millinaire, 1997
* "Unbroken Pieces" by Amy Alexander, 1996
* "Inclusion" by Denis Lelong, 1995
* "Four" by Amy Alexander, 1995
* "Dystopia" by Rico Maldenado, 1994____INTERACTIVE ART INSTALLATIONS____
* "Levantate" with Mariela Cadiz, 2002
* "Espejissma Espejissma" with Mariela Cadiz, 2000

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