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Echo Ho, Beijing, Hongkong, Köln


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Echo Ho
Über Echo Ho:
Echo Ho was born in1973 in Beijing, China. She started her art education at age 15, where she did painting for 5 years. In 1994, she moved to Hong Kong and studied Film and Television at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. In the same period, she began to do art exhibitions and founded „Art Party“ with other young artists in HongKong. She very much liked to experiment with different artstic disciplines like painting, installation, performance, literature.

From 1996 on, she started to create single-channel video, aesthetic on the surface, but with a concealed subversion that expressed her animadversion and disbelieve in the politic situation in China; especially after her first-hand experience of the 1989 massacre and later the hand-over of HongKong.

From 1998 on, she studied Media Arts at the Media Art Academy Cologne, where she graduated in 2003. This time she is not only doing video installations, but also sound-scape composition and combines them to make objects that explore the creation of meaning through filmic plus acoustic representation, and analyze mass media's hold on our perceptions of personal identity.
Now she lives as an independent artist in Colonge.

Solo and Group Exhibitions

Echo Ho Solo Exhibition, Hong Kong Visual Art Centre
Group Exhibition,Pre’ 97 Proposals and Projections, Fringe Club, Hong Kong
Group Exhibition, A Dialect of Culture, Fringe Club, Hong Kong
Group Exhibition, Phallic Contemporary Art Exhibition, Fringe Club, Hong Kong
Cultural Condolence, Sheung Wan Cultural & Civic Centre, Hong Kong
Group Exhibition, Pre’97 Special Art Zone, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Performance (Liberation Through Movement), Lamma Island, Hong Kong
Foto-Performance (Female Story),North Point Studio, Hong Kong
Planet 64 (video installation and sound performance) at Galerie 6811, Cologne Germany
The other X/change (photo graphy and performance) at Galerie On Cologne, Germany
Solo Exhibition „Wo träumende Esel träumen“ (video installation and concert) at Hochbunker Ehrenfeld, Cologne, Germany.
earweego’s two months’ expedition: resounding journey in Tibet 2002
video installation „Wo träumende Esel träumen“, Moers Jazz Festival – electronic lounge
multi-media performance „One Day the Mountain Will Fly Away“ at Galerie Projektraum, Conlogne, Germany
nature sound installation „birds come or come not“ and video installation
„Wo träumende Esel träumen“, Altitude 2002, Cologne, Germany.


1999 made the first unpublished music CD „Kinder im Weidegebiet“, Conlogne
1999 Solo concert at the British Council Cinema, Cologne, Germany
1999 Solo concert at Galerie Ground Earth, Berlin, Germany one track is on compilation CD „for building“ from Handheld Sound System, curated by David Higgle, New York
2000 earweego is on compilation CD “for friends“ from Tomlab and Audio Dregs, Cologne/Seattle
2002 earweego concert at Moers Jazz Festival – electronic lounge earweego concert with Adrian Vacca at Altitude
2002, Conlogne, Germany
2003 Zentrifuge - concert at Future Point, Conlogne
Powerbooks Unplugged, earweego meets les Duchamps, Film Haus, Cologne Extraschicht, 8hrs concert at the „Tag der Industriekultur im Ruhrgebiet“, Herten, Germany
Concert in the Project >imaginAirport< for the presentation-week at KHM, Cologne, Germany
earweego concert in series „Pflege aller Rassen“ - in „Die Lobby“, Berlin, Germany
Concert in the Project >imaginAirport< at the „Art Cologne“, Germany
Concert in the exhibition „wings of art“ at Musium Ludwig, Aachen Germany
2004 Traces of Voices festival, live sound and remixing of voices, Tilburg, Holland

Experimental Film

1996 „Scarlet Entity“, Documentary, video, 30 min. Jahn Filmproduktion, Berlin, bought parts of the film for the Documentary „Bye Bye, Hello“ by Xingli Ma.
1996 „Space Squeezed Open“, Documentary „Identity“, work of Hong Kong contemporary artist, shown on- screening at LICY Art Gallery, Beijing
1997 „Where the fish breathe, there breathe I“, video, 10min shown on Screening at Hong Kong Underground Poetry Meeting
1997 „Masturbation“, video, 20min
2001 „Wo träumende Esel träumen“, video, 16min
2002 „Wing Pitch“, super8, 8min shown on screening in Palais de Tokyo, Paris, May 2003
2003 Docu/Essay: „One day the Mountain Will Fly Away“, video, 49min. (KHM Diploma) shown on Screening Diplom Film Premiere in Cinenova, Cologne, Germany; shown on Screening in FilmHaus, Cologne, Germany.


2003 n_e_s_t_e_r, video and sound installation by earweego for architects Helene Hölzl and Frans Boots’ contribution to the „kunst_garten_kunst“ exhibition in the Sprengel Museum Hannover
2001 Sound Design for „Mantis“, a 3D animation film by Jordi Moragues.

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