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Robert Valkenburgh, 's-Hertogenbosch (Holland)


Bisherige UNERHÖRT-Projekte:
UNERHÖRT 57 - Klangbilder dieser Welt, UNERHOERT 50 - WINDMUSIKEN (10 Jahre UNERHOERT)

Robert Valkenburgh
Über Robert Valkenburgh:
Robert Valkenburgh (b. 1953)
Furniture maker and designer by trade.
Kiteflier/ Artist by necessity.
He started building Kites in 1985 and Wind instruments in 1992.

Since then, a lot has happened...

1994: Personal expo of some instruments at the festival of Dieppe (Fr)
Encounter with other Musicians of the Wind (Aeolists)
1996: First Official Windgarden at Dieppe Int. Kite Festival.
Foundation of the ”International Association of Aeolists”
Design competition Dieppe: 2nd. prize with kite
“Luchtspiegels” (Mirrors of the Sky)
art-kite exhibition and Windmusic performance “Kitewinds” in Den Bosch (NL).
1997: Windgarden exhibitions and open-air concerts in Holland and France.

1998: Foundation of “the Wind Gallery”,
a travelling Windmusic and Kite show. Exhibitions in Holland, France and Italy.

1999: Exhibitions in Belgium, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

2000: Realisation of a 126-tone Bamboo Windorgan, permanently displayed in a private garden at Capelle a/d IJssel (NL).
Awarded grants for kites in a design competition from the “Art Kite Museum“ in Detmold (WDR).
Exhibitions in Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and the U.K.
2001: Program made and broadcast by a local TV-station about artists from Den Bosch. One of the topics was “Kites and Windmusic by Robert”.
Bremerhaven (WDR): in cooperation with a group of musicians, specializing in experimental music, there is a three day performance, by day on the beach, at night in a concert hall, combining electronic and aeolian music.
Exhibitions in Belgium, France, Italy, Germany and the U.K.

2002: Participation in a German TV program, broadcast nationwide, called “Elements of Life”, about the element Wind.
Participation in a concert by German and Chinese musicians, combining for the first time wind instruments (unari’s and ek’s) with violin, cello and guzheng (Chinese zither).

Participation in a project named "Border Songs" from James Peel, English artist, for whom I built an Aeolian Harp and an Aeolian Box-kite. (see the Projects page)
Exhibitions in Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany and the U.K.

2003: First Windgarden ever erected on a frozen lake: Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
Only subject in a BBC radio program “Playing the Wind” recorded on a German beach (Wremen near Bremerhaven, North Sea) while collecting material for a CD about Aeolian and Longstringharp music.
Exhibitions in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Holland.

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