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Artists: Serge Baghdassarians, Boris Baltschun
Pressetexte: Wenn der Klangkunst die Luft ausgeht

brown out
Eine Installation für Einmalsprizen und Luftballons. Die gefüllten Ballons entladen sich über einen Zeitraum von ca 5 Stunden und füllen den Gallerie-Raum mit Klängen.

Serge Baghdassarians und Boris Baltschun sind zwei in Berlin lebende Klangorganisatoren.

brownout for prepared syringes and balloons [2005] brownout is one stage before a blackout. it is the partly breakdown of a system. we discovered the phenomenon while travelling in california: the electricity system breaks down once in a while, often only in certain neighbourhoods and for a few hours. we thought that it was a nice title for a piece not using electricity...or, the other way round: for times without electricity...

technical description: a blown up balloon (about 40cm diameter) is pulled over the tip of a prepared syringe. five to eight drops of water are inserted into the spaces of the male part. then, the sound can be tuned by pulling the male part out. very slowly air escapes through the syringe and produces sound at the exit point. due to small irregularities in the material and preparation each object differs in sound and duration (between 10 minutes and 8 hours approx.). thus the overall effect is that of a slow moving and shifting soundscape with a general process going from a global mass sound at the beginning to an appearance of individual voices towards the end.

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